Preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443 H

by CYP Asmadiredja

The time loop brings back to the month of Ramadan. The moon which is always greeted with joy, at the beginning full of grace, in the midst of which there is forgiveness and ends with liberation from the fire of hell. The Prophet (peace be upon him) welcomed this month as the arrival of the great guest, “MARHABAN YAA RAMADHAN“.

Hari has been rife in various print media in the form of banners, billboards, posters as well as electronic media and social media. This makes the atmosphere of Ramadan already very felt. Millions of Muslims in various parts of the world with joy to welcome this great month are no exception muslims in Indonesia.

The month of Ramadan is always awaited and missed by every Muslim. More solemn days in worship are difficult to get on a normal day so it is not surprising that in the holy month of Ramadan many things are commonly special.

Ramadan provides soul flushing, such as fasting, tarawih, the night of Lailatul Qadar until returning to fitrah in Eid al-Fitr. Worship in the month of Ramadan has a spiritual value that promises the culprit to get inner happiness.

The arrival of Ramadan brings a sudden rush for Muslims in all parts of the world, starting from preparing the birth and inner aspects. Sibuk organizes places and worship equipment to prepare for spiritual flushes by conducting studies welcoming Ramadan.

Some things so that we can fill the month of Ramadan with the maximum worship practices, including the preparation of nafsiyah, tsaqafiyah, bodies, maaliyah to prepare  all family members, including children.

Preparation of Nafsiyah

Welcome the coming of the month of Ramadan with a happy heart that Ramadan has come as a month for taqarrub (closer) to Allah SWT. So that in this month of Ramadan  we will compete to improve the quality of worship and achieve the highest degree in the sight of Allah SWT.

One of them is by preparing the  soul and spiritual or ruhiyah to welcome Ramadan by practicing and multiplying worship in the previous month, as explained in the hadith narrated by Aisha ra:

I have never seen the Prophet (peace be upon him) fast a whole month except the fasting month of Ramadan and I have never seen him fast more than in the month of Sha’ban.” (Bukhari no. 1969 and Muslim no. 1156)

Preparation of Tsaqafiyah

To achieve the best practices in the month of Ramadan to the maximum, it takes a deep understanding of the science and rules of fasting such as the preparation of tsaqafiyah which is no less important for someone to get it. Because by understanding the fiqh of fasting well one will understand correctly which actions can damage the value of fasting and which actions can increase the value and quality of fasting.

Preparation of Bodies

Ramadan activities require excellent physical strength such as for fasting, qiyamullail, reading the Qur’an and various other kinds of worship. With good physical condition  and excellent, then we can perform these services without being missed. Because if the physical condition is not good, then most likely we will not do the practice of Ramadan to the maximum.

Maaliyah preparations

The financial preparation in question is not to buy new clothes on Eid or prepare provisions to return home. But prepare and arrange finances for factoring, almsgiving and paying zakat. “The Prophet was asked, ‘What is the most important thing? He replied, “The first of them is almsgiving in the month of Ramadan.” (HR Tirmidhi)

Preparation for children

In addition to preparing for  ourselves, we also have to prepare the whole family. Including children who are still small and will just learn to fast. Getting children to fast and understanding their meaning is not an easy job. The success of  parents in conditioning children requires preparation since far away.

Therefore, parents must design the best educational patterns for their children during Ramadan.  Through stories and toys, build a conducive family atmosphere, arrange a nutritious food menu and invite sahur with family.

The holy month glorified by all Muslims in the world will soon come to the fore. The scholars and predecessors taught us to pray to Allah SWT to be able to meet the month of Ramadan, a glorious month full of forgiveness and mercy.

If every Muslim  knew the specialness of this holy month of  Ramadan, surely they would always expect the presence of the month of Ramadan throughout the year. The mukmin have the good news of the opening of the gates of heaven and the closing of the gates of hell.

Let us fill the days of Ramadan with joy based on the spirit to raise the degree in the sight of Allah SWT with all awareness and righteous intentions. If we do the preparation optimally, then we will carry out Ramadan with a specialty full of vibrations of the heart.

May the worship of  the holy month of  Ramadan in 1443 H or 2022 AD, which we do is not a form of movement without soul, and stuck to a mere ritual without meaning but the  soul and  spirit are fused with the  movement of  charity in the month of Ramadan. May we be able to achieve the degree of piety. Wallahua’lam



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