Ramadan Month of Kindness and NobleNess Has Come, Waiting For Love

By Cecep Asmadiredja

Marhaban Yaa Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan 1443 Hijriyah, believers will certainly be busy seeking the ‘mercy’ of Allah SWT, forgiveness and protection from the fires of hell. 

Ramadan, the month in which the grace of Allah swt descends upon us all continuously and this is where the believers ask, pray and seek as much reward as possible.

Ramadan is the most important month of the year. This is the month that the faithful Muslims have been eagerly waiting for, lovingly. Bulan to renew our commitment, while rebuilding our relationship with our Creator, Allahu Rabbi.

This is the month of goodness and virtue, when that truth develops throughout the Muslim communities of the world. Ramadan offers every Muslim the opportunity to strengthen his faith, purify tawhid, his heart and soul, while eliminating the evil effects of his sins.

Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever fasts Ramadan on the basis of faith and expects a reward from Allah, then his past sins will be forgiven“. (Hr Bukhari no. 38 and Muslim no. 760).

What is meant by fasting on the basis of faith is fasting because it believes in the obligation of fasting. Whoever is the servant of Allah who stands in prayer on the eve of Ramadan with purity of faith and hope of reward from Allah SWT, then the sins that have been committed before will be forgiven.

When the Islamic world is beset by insurmountable challenges, the holy month of Ramadan provides the best opportunity for introspection and self-reform (muhasabah).

Fasting is a way to achieve piety. In practical terms, takwa means doing what Allah has commanded and avoiding what He forbids. It is an institution for the improvement of human moral and spiritual character.

The purpose of fasting is to help develop self-purification, a servant’s awareness of His Creator, compassion, a spirit of caring and sharing, and a love of humanity.

It is our obedient act as Servants of God to the Creator, thanksgiving, forgiveness, spiritual training as well as self-reform (self-muhasabah). If a person desires true and lasting happiness, then he needs to develop and maintain the “inner peace and enjoyment” that Allah almighty gives to believers.

The only way we can do that is by training our mind and body through the spiritual practice of faith. And for Muslims, the month of Ramadan is to give the best opportunity, namely through fasting, prayer, reading the Qur’an, sharing care, issuing zakat, infak, shadaqah and always remembering Allah SWT.

Fasting instills in us a virtue, patience and selflessness to others. When we fast, we will feel the pain of deprivation and hunger, and learn how to bear it patiently and sincerely.

From this powerful experience, it is in a social and humanitarian context that we are much faster than others in sympathizing with the oppressed and needy around the world, and responding to their needs.

Fasting in Ramadan allows us to master the art of adaptability and better time management. We can also easily understand this when we realize that fasting makes people change the entire course of their daily lives for 24 hours.

When making changes, then naturally we are adjusting to new systems and schedules, and moving together to meet the rules that Allah has set. This is done in the long run, developing in it a sense of wisdom and adaptability to self-created forces to overcome life’s unexpected difficulties!

A person who values constructive adaptability, time management, and courage, then he will appreciate the effects of fasting in this regard as well. Since the beginning of time, man has struggled to master his own self, physical and psychological: Body as well as emotions.

Hunger is one of the most powerful urges we experience. Many people, through overeating, eating less or eating unhealthy foods, abuse this urge, which is fasting.

Although the real purpose of dynamic fasting is to discipline our own souls and moral behaviors, to develop sympathy for those less fortunate, it is a multi-functional tool and a comprehensive tool of change in our various fields.

Life, including social and economic, intellectual and humanitarian, spiritual and physical, personal and general, inside and out, are all in one! Welcome to Ramadan. Ramadan I want to wait because of love. Wallahua’lam.



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