Precious Time in Ramadan, Every Charity Rewarded

By Cecep Asmadiredja

One of the virtues of Ramadan, the value of the reward contained in it. If every worship outside Of Ramadan is rewarded with one reward, then worship in Ramadan Allah SWT returns one worship of His servants with 70 times the worship of worship.

Imam Ibn Khuzaimah said that the Prophet said, “Anyone who draws closer to Allah with good deeds in Ramadan, (he is rewarded) is the same as fulfilling an obligation in another month. Whoever fulfills the obligation in the month of Ramadlan, then he is rewarded with the same reward as the person who did it 70 times the obligation in another month.”

The Prophet also said, “All the virtues of the son of Adam multiplied his reward by 10 to 700 times. Allah said: ‘Except for fasting, it is the fast for Me and I (myself) who will reward him. He has left the shahwat and eaten a drink because of me.” (Hr Muslim).

This is good news for believers who certainly need rewards as provisions to face Allah SWT in the afterlife. The more routinely doing good deeds, the more abundant the reward value collected.

Therefore, the believers understand this very well and he will not miss a second of time that he passes in Ramadan. Always motivated to fill Ramadan with faith activities to Allah SWT, start praying fardhu five times, praying sunnah, reading the Qur’an, tadabbur Qur’an, as well as other good deeds.

If every activity, as simple as anything and then intended everything because of delay to Allah SWT, then Ramadan has succeeded in forming this self into a wealthy servant, because of the abundant rewards we get, while making it easier for us to achieve His Heaven.

Those who understand the specialness of Ramadan will never have any reason to ignore every second of Ramadan. So this Ramadan must be a momentum of change in every believer. We all yearn for a leader who serves the community and is accountable to Allah SWT.

Every believer has the same opportunity to plant as many good rewards as possible in this Ramadan. In addition to of course evaluating yourself against self-deficiencies. If we are 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old, it means that we have to evaluate how many years of age we use for good things.

The gift of Ramadan is very expensive given by Allah SWT to the believers, because the age of the people of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is short when compared to the age of the people of the previous prophets.

In the month of Ramadan there is a noble night whose reward value is the same as worshiping for a thousand months. In QS Al Qadr verse 3, Allah (SWT) says, “The night of glory is better than a thousand months”.

Let’s increase the spirit and ethos of our worship this Ramadan. Of course only the servant who really maximizes every second of his time for Allah SWT in this month will win it. Thirst, fatigue and thirst that we feel during the day should not be the reason our worship is not optimal.

Even on the contrary, it should be even more excited. May the sweetness and beauty of Ramadan felt by the Prophet and his companions, continue in us who live in this day and age. Make sure it is worth every time we pass in ramadan. Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin. ¬†Wallahua’lam.



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