The Life of the Hereafter, the Eternal Life

By Cecep Asmadiredja

In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) always gives a comparison between the pleasures of the world and the pleasures of the afterlife so that humans will try to get a much better and eternal afterlife than the worldly pleasures that are in sight, even though the afterlife has never been seen by the eye and only realized later.

Allah (SWT) said: “Say, the pleasure in this world is only a short time and the afterlife is better for the fearful, and you will not be persecuted in the slightest“. (QS An Nisa: 77). Because of the small enjoyment of the world, Allah (SWT) denounces anyone who puts his purpose in life for the enjoyment of this mortal world.

O believers, why is it said to you: “Go out (to fight) in the way of Allah” you feel heavy and want to stay in your place? Are you satisfied with life in the world in exchange for life in the afterlife? Whereas the pleasure of living in this world (compared to life) is only a little bit.” (QS At Taubah: 38)

The afterlife is clean from the impurities of dunia. The world’s Khamr (liquor) is intoxicating, but in the afterlife it is not. Pleasure in the world is preceded by difficulties, but the afterlife is not.

“(Is) the parable of heaven promised to the fearful who in which there are rivers of water that have not changed in taste and smell, rivers of milk that do not change in taste, rivers of khamar that are delicious in taste for their drinkers and rivers of filtered honey; and they obtained in them all manner of fruits and forgiveness from their Rabb, equal to the man who remained in jahannam and was given a drink with boiling water, until his intestines were cut into pieces? “(QS Muhammad: 15)

In this world there is water and drink water if thirsty. However, the difference between the water in the afterlife has not changed. The water is clean. His women are holy with completely holiness. In the world it is not sanctified physically and mentally.

In heaven there are angels who politely bow their gazes, never touched by men before them (the inhabitants of heaven who became their husbands), and neither by jinns” (QS Ar Rahman: 56)

His heart is also clean. The hearts of the inhabitants of heaven are no dispute, let alone hate each other, their hearts are one. In the world, if anyone married more than one, then among his wives sometimes found an unclean heart. But in heaven, beware of their wives one, they love their husbands with sincerity.

In a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari: “There is no dispute between them (the inhabitants of Heaven) and no hatred. Their hearts are one, that is, always praying in the morning and evening.”

And the pleasure of the world, whatever the name will definitely disappear, even sometimes the enjoyment in front of the eyes cannot be enjoyed, bitter. Likewise with power. Not forever, the power that is sometimes achieved by pouring a lot of treasure is also temporary, many are waiting for the ruler to fall so that he can replace it.

What is by your side will disappear, and what is on God’s side is eternal. And indeed We will reward the patient with a reward better than what they have done.” (QS An Nahl: 96)

In  this glorious and blessed month of  Ramadan, Kita always hopes and prays to Allah SWT, may all be inhabitants of heaven, because the pleasures of the world should be used as a tool for the pleasure of the afterlife, not the other way around.  Wallahua’lam



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